1. All wedding dresses are sold in the ‘as is’ condition and are subject to having damages due to the nature of the industry,

2. They are one of a kind styles that are not available to be re-ordered in different colours and sizes,

3. Prices have been discounted accordingly due to the current condition of the dress and are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Please refrain from asking staff for further discounts as prices are as low as possible.

4. Any alterations or amendments required are your responsibility after purchase.

5. You will be required to inspect the gown before purchase. Casar is not liable for any damages found after the dress has left the store.

6. There is a $10 fee associated with trying on these pre-loved bridal dresses to assist in the maintenance of their current condition.


Once you’ve found some styles your dying to try on, a staff member will give you a form to fill out to keep track of the styles you are trying.

This form will then need to be filled and returned and your payment of $10 per dress will be required up front. We limit each change room to three gowns at a time to avoid causing clutter so be mindful when choosing your styles. If there are more than three styles you love you are more than welcome to rotate your selected three dresses in the change room at anytime provided the try-on fee is paid.

Don’t stress if a dress doesn’t fit, you will only be charged for dresses you are able to try on……….. need something differed here?

When you say yes to the dress you will have your full try-on payment refunded towards the cost of your dress. This is only valid if you purchase on the day of your visit and not on your second round.

We hope you understand the policies surrounding these dresses and respect the laid out conditions of trying on these designers property. Casar does not wish to offend, we simply wish to keep these dresses in the best possible condition, ready to make a brides dreams come true.