Conditions of Trying + Buying Wedding Dresses at Casar.

1.    There is a $10 try on fee associated in tying on each dress. This is to assist in the maintenance of their current condition.

   2. Prices are NON NEGOTIABLE and will not be found this low anywhere else! .

3. The try-on fee is only refundable towards the cost of your gown if you purchase on the day of your visit. The try-on fee is not refundable on a second visit to the store.

4. Gowns are sold in the current ‘as is condition’.and any alterations or amendments needed are your responsibility after purchase.

5. You will be required to inspect the gown before purchase. Once you have left the store, Casar is not responsible for any damages found after inspection.

6. No holding. These dresses are here to be sold. If you love it, grab it!

7.  Lay-by is only available on dresses over $1000. The Lay-By term includes 4 weekly installments over a one-month period.